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Reza Abdoh, who died (32) at the height of his creative powers, was arguably a great American original and one of the most influential artists of his generation.

Reza Abdoh: Theater Visionary, Documetary Film - 3 minute Trailer
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Reza Abdoh
Reza Abdoh
Reza Abdoh

"He may be polite, he may be demure, but Reza Abdoh is writing some of the most disturbing work in contemporary theater"
  John O'Mahony        

 “Abdoh’s  theatrical brilliance was readily evident in his striking use of sound, image, and text." John Bell

“I don’t believe in creating work that is too easily digestible.” Reza Abdoh

“The angriest theater pieces ever hurled at a New York audience”  The New York Times

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